World Dog Show - WDS 2026

World Dog Show - WDS 2026

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During World Dog Show in Madrid, the assembly of delegates that represent the entire world of dog lovers entrusted Italy with the organization of the World Dog Show 2026. This decision was unanimous. Here’s what you should know about the World Dog Show 2026.

Where will the WDS 2026 be held?

World Dog Show is scheduled to be held in Milan, Italy. Italian Kennel Club - ENCI will be the host, and they cannot be more excited to organize what promises to be one of the highlight dog show events in 2026. Milano was also home to WDS in 2015. 

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Where is the venue?

Milan and Italy are home to some of the world’s largest expos. Luckily, there are fantastic showrooms where the venue can be held. For the World Dog Show 2026, the venue is the Fiera Milano. World Dog Show 2015 was also held there, and it was absolutely fantastic.

World Dog Show 2026 dates

The exact date of the WDS 2026 is 4 - 7 June 2026

ENCI President was pleased with this choice, and this is what he said:

"We were sure to bring home the organization of this World Cup - for the excellent relations with all the delegates, for the prestige of Italian dog lovers, and above all, because ENCI is recognized for excellent organizational efficiency. It will be an important challenge because, as happened in 2015, we will bring the Italian dog tradition to the participants' attention, accompanied by the quality of services and the most interesting technological innovations that will make this event a new point of reference for world dog lovers ".

In conclusion

The World Dog Show 2026 will be held in Milan, Italy, from 4 - 7 June. It will be held in the Fiera Milano showgrounds, which feature plenty of space and is home to other famous shows. It looks like it will be a show to remember, so make sure you and your dog make reservations. See you there!

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