Euro Dog Show 2022 - All You Need To Know

Euro Dog Show 2022 - All You Need To Know

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The Euro Dog Show 2022 is brewing up to be something extraordinary. The French Kennel Club (Société Centrale Canine) is one of the founding members of the FCI (International kennel club), and it will host the 2022 Euro dog show. If you’re planning to visit or exhibit at the show, here is some of the most important information you should know.

Where is Euro Dog Show 2022 held?

We already mentioned the Société Centrale Canine will be the host of the 2022 EDS. However, we haven’t specified in what part of France the show will be held. The good news is that it will be held in Paris. The capital of France has splendid architecture, culture, and history. It is the city of love, and we really can’t imagine having a better place for the Euro Dog Show.

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Where is the venue?

Like we already mentioned, the show will be held in Paris, France. However, to be even more precise, the venue will be held in Villepinte, a northwestern suburb of Paris. It is 12 miles away from the center of Paris and close to Charles de Gaulle airport. The venue will be held Parc des Expositions de Villepinte. It is the second-largest convention center in France. This unique venue has more than 240.000 m2 of exhibition space, providing more than enough for this event.

As always, it is a good idea to book your accommodation and travel arrangements early. Not only is the price better, but you will also make sure you don’t end up without a place to stay. When you book a hotel, make sure they are dog-friendly.

Euro Dog Show Paris 2022 dates

The Paris Euro Dog Show 2022 will be held on 21 - 23 April 2022. After careful consideration of the World Dog Show 2020, which had to be postponed for 2 years and will be held in June 2022, the organizers decided this is the best possible date. Make sure you are prepared for the weather and bring all you need to Europe’s most prestigious dog show.


One of the most important things to be prepared for is the weather. April in Paris is mostly rainy, and the temperatures are not too high. Make sure you bring plenty of warm clothes and rain covers for your dog and yourself. On average, morning temperatures are around 46°F (8°C), and the warmest parts of the day are around 62°F (17°C).

COVID compliance

We live in a pandemic, and for the safety of all participants, there will be strict Covid rules at the venue. However, we hope the pandemic will be over by the time the Euro Dog Show 2022 comes around, and there will be no mask mandates or vaccination requirements for the venue.

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However, chances are Covid is not going to go away so easily, so make sure you are prepared. Bring plenty of masks with you so you can protect yourself and others around you. The temperature should be measured for everyone entering the venue. You should bring enough disinfectant to the show.

For the sake of everyone, come prepared. No one likes wearing a mask, but the only thing worse than that is hearing someone getting in arguments regarding safety protocols.

In conclusion

The Euro Dog Show 2022 is shaping up to be one of the best dog shows in the whole year. France has a long tradition in cynology, and it is one of the oldest cynology institutions in the world. We can’t wait for this event to happen and are really looking forward to seeing all the exhibitors there.

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