Everything About Bordetella Vaccine

Everything About Bordetella Vaccine

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Learning about all the shots, your puppy might need can be a bit overwhelming. From kennel cough, distemper, and parvo, many diseases can harm our dogs. Luckily, there are vaccines developed that can prevent some of these diseases. Some shots are essential, and some, like the bordetella vaccine, are not.

Going to see your vet can be terrifying, and we often forget to ask many questions we planned to ask them. More often than not, the bordetella question gets overlooked. If you are taking your dog often to puppy school, dog parks, or doggy daycares, getting a bordetella vaccine might be a good idea. Here are some things you should know about the bordetella vaccine.

What is bordetella?

Bordetella is oftentimes confusing for dog owners. The easiest thing to remember is that bordetella is the bacteria responsible for kennel cough. It will cause an inflammation of the upper respiratory system and leave your dog vulnerable to other diseases and infections.

Bordetella vaccine is non-essential, and most dogs that aren’t spending too much time in the company of other dogs are somewhat safe. However, this is a shot that will help prevent infections your dog can get from other dogs.

The scientific name for this bacteria is Bordetella bronchiseptica. It is the most common cause of kennel cough in dogs. Many dog owners don’t know that because their vets only tell them their dog has kennel cough. That is the main reason these shots get often overlooked.

Kennel cough in dogs

To completely understand why the bordetella vaccine is important, we need to understand what kennel cough is and how dangerous it can be. The term “kennel cough” is a name for different highly-infectious respiratory diseases. This disease is rarely fatal in adult dogs, but puppies and senior dogs are vulnerable.

Kennel cough is also scientifically known as canine infectious tracheobronchitis and will spread very fast. The dog can get infected by touching contaminated surfaces like bowls, toys, or collars. This bordetella-caused disease can spread through aerosol droplets and direct contact. It will spread through dogs like a common cold through middle school. If you want to know more, check out this article - Kennel cough in dogs.

Is bordetella shot necessary?

The necessity of the bordetella shot will be defined by your and your dog’s lifestyles. If you are mostly staying at home and most activity is done in your backyard, your dog is less likely to attract kennel cough. You should talk to your vet about it, and we are pretty sure they will give you the best possible advice.

If you take your dog to obedience classes, dog school, or doggy daycares and they spend a lot of time there, getting the bordetella vaccine is probably a good idea. Bordetella in dogs is highly contagious and will spread as fast as a wildfire. Again, the best advice would be to talk to your vet and ask them if the bordetella vaccine is a good idea for your dog.

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When to get a bordetella shot for your dog?

That question will be best answered by your vet. All dogs are unique, and they live completely different lifestyles. A bordetella shot might not be necessary for a dog that spends a lot of time with their owners and has little to no contact with large groups of dogs. If you love going to dog parks and socialize your dog with other dogs, that would be a great time to think about bordetella shots. Some dogs love playing with other dogs, and if you have a friendly dog who visits dog parks often, getting the bordetella vaccine might be a good idea.

How long does the bordetella shot last?

If you decided to get your dog a bordetella vaccine, you should know that the dog will remain protected for about a year. A bordetella vaccine might not be necessary. However, most places that take a large number of dogs will require you to show proof of a bordetella vaccine in the past 6 months. Only one infected dog can cause mayhem, and pretty soon, all dogs that were in contact with the infected dog will have it. A bordetella vaccine is usually administered once a year.

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Are there any risks of getting your dog vaccinated?

All vaccinations can cause some reactions, and bordetella is no different. It can cause an allergic reaction or vomiting, diarrhea, and a slight fever for a day or two. However, that is entirely normal, and it doesn’t mean your dog will have these side-effects. In fact, more than 90% of dogs have no side-effects of getting the bordetella vaccine.

Before you decide to get your dog a bordetella shot, make sure you talked to the vet administrating the shot. Let them know if your dog had any adverse reactions to prior shots or if your dog is currently on any medications and supplements. Pregnant dogs, immunocompromised, or sick dogs should not get a bordetella vaccine.

In conclusion

Your vet will be the best judge whether your dog needs a bordetella shot. The vet will give you the best possible advice based on your dog’s lifestyle and medical history. However, if you plan to take your dog to places where there are many dogs, make sure your vet knows that. 

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