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https://www.amakitakennel.com/dams-суки/indi/ , B.B.B. UKR SGr/Gr CH UA CH UKR, MDA, BLR, ROM, BGR, SRB JCH UKR, MDA, BLR, BGR, ROM GrJCH UKR, MDA

Date of birth 28.03.2015.

Gender Female


Stud dog

Pedigree http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/akita/dog.html?id=2483244-indi-all-for-almighty-kennel

Chip Yes

Color Red & White

Weight 16 lb

Height 139 in

Breeder profile

American Akita ALL FOR ALMIGHTY kennel

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Dog breeds:

  • American Akita


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