About Bloody Sunday Ezechielelupo

Very beautiful and wolfish dog, with slim and agile and at the same time powerful body. He is bonitated with the result P1 (without difects) A67 R1 Of p1 Xv55,2 Xf110,4 He graduated FCI European champion in 2014, competing against 81 dogs, in the Czech Republic, the homeland of origin of the breed. At this time he is he is international beauty and expo champion, Checz champion, Italian champion and young italian champion.

Date of birth 04.11.2012.

Gender Male


Stud dog

Pedigree ROI LO131841

Chip Yes

Color Wolf Sable

Weight 15 lb

Height 150 in

Breeder profile

Allevamento Ezechielelupo

Ortona (CH), Italy

Dog breeds:

  • Czechoslovakian Wolfdog


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