Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer is a large, loyal, and alert dog that is a great worker and an excellent companion. They originated from Germany where they were used for cattle driving and guarding purposes. They are muscular and bold dogs with a beautiful double coat. As with the mini and the standard version, even Giant Schnauzers have harsh beard and eyebrows that makes them recognizable as their unique characteristics. These are energetic dogs and they can play for hours. If you are thinking about getting this dog, he will do best in a house with a big yard where he can run freely.

FUN FACT: Germans call this dog Riesenschnauzer, which means „the giant“.

Giant Schnauzer


23-27 in (58-69 cm)

Giant Schnauzer


55-85 lb (25-39 kg)

Giant Schnauzer



Giant Schnauzer

Life Expectancy:

12-15 years

Breed History

Giant Schnauzer was developed in Germany and it was bred up from the standard version of the breed. Some other dogs were used in the creation of this dog including Grea Dane, and Bouvier des Flandres. In Germany, these dogs were used as guard dogs for farmers and also for driving the cattle from farm to market.

At the beginning of the 20th century, these dogs started to work as police dogs in major German cities and mostly in Berlin. The only reason why these dogs didn't have the same job in America is that the German Shepherd was so good at his job and he didn't need a replacement.

Dog Breed Characteristics

Energy Level
Grooming Needs
Exercise Needs
Kid Friendly
Dog Friendly
General Health

Standard describes Giant Schnauzers as powerful, large, and stocky always prepared for defense. Their temperament is good-natured with highly developed sense organs along with intelligence, strength, speed, endurance, and trainability.


  • Group 2 Pinscher and SchnauzerMolossoid breeds - Swiss Mountain and Cattle Dogs. Section 1 Pinscher and Schnauzer type. With working trial.
  • Height at withers: 24 - 27.5 in (60 to 70 cm)
  • Weight: 77 - 103 lb (35 to 47 kg)

Grooming and care

These dogs have a wiry, dense, and weather-resistant coat. Their coat consists of a harsh outer layer and a softer inner layer. Giant Schnauzers can be either solid black or pepper and salt. In order to maintain their good looks, these dogs need to be brushed regularly. Be prepared to spend a lot of time grooming these dogs if you want their hair to be healthy and good-looking. If this is too much for you, you can always hire a professional to do the job. Either way, be prepared that you will have to put a lot of time and energy into caring for these dogs

Besides grooming, you must check their ears for any signs of redness or bad odor (which can indicate an infection), brush their teeth regularly to prevent bacteria development, and trim their nails.

If you want your dog to enjoy all these things you need to start with them early. That way your dog will learn that these things are essential and will learn how to enjoy them.

black giant schnauzer


Giant Schnauzers are very active and energetic dogs that require daily exercise in order to be happy. You can take them on long walks or to playing sessions with other dogs. Besides that, they can keep you company during bike rides, hiking, swimming, etc. If you are thinking about getting this dog you must be active otherwise your dog will not be happy. These dogs need constant companionship, either human or other canine.

Giant Schnauzers training

Giant Schnauzer is an extremely intelligent and territorial dog breed and he has a mission to protect his owner no matter what. That is why is extremely important to socialize and train your dog from the start to secure a well-behaved dog with whom you will not have any problems later in life. These dogs need to have a job to do. You will need to constantly challenge them mentally and physically.

FUN FACT: Giant Schnauzers enjoy competing in canine sports such as obedience, agility, and herding.

These dogs require a firm owner who knows how to work with such a breed. If you are not consistent and firm you can expect that your dog will try and run the households the way he wants, and you don't want to end up with a dog who doesn't listen to you. Here is where correct and early socialization plays a big part. As soon as your puppy arrived home start the socialization process. Expose your puppy to different situations, sights, people, and other animals in order that he learns how to react to many different situations he may find himself later in life.

Giant Schnauzers and kids

These dogs are reserved for strangers and mostly because they have strong protective instincts. Giant Schnauzers are great family dogs that get along well with the children. Because of their massive size, they are not recommended for households with small children, only because of the facts they can easily knock and hurt the child unintentionally. They are best suited for older kids with whom he can interact without fear of hurting them.

Take note that no matter how good your dog is you should always supervise playtime between kids and the dog if you don't want any unwanted behavior.

Giant Schnauzers and other animals

Giant Schnauzers in many cases will not get along well with other dogs especially of the same sex, because they are territorial. However, they can have a canine friend with whom they can play every time. You should never trust these dogs with smaller animals and cats, no matter how good they seem together.

Health problems

Although they are a large dog breed, Giant Schnauzers are generally healthy dogs. But like most dog breeds in the world, they are prone to some health problems that you should be aware of if you are thinking about this dog. These problems include hip dysplasia, autoimmune thyroiditis, and eye disease. To be sure that you are getting a healthy dog always buy a dog from a responsible and official dog breeder. Those breeders always test their breeding dogs as well as their puppies to be sure that they will be in the best possible health.

Giant Schnauzers breeders

When searching for Giant Schanuzerd dog breeders always make sure that you are talking to responsible breeders. That way there is a low risk that you will end up with a dog with health problems. This is a large breed that requires your attention and a fair amount of energy in order to be happy. You will need to fulfill their needs if you want a well-behaved dog.



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