The Cane Corso

The Cane Corso

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The Cane Corso breed - History

The Cane Corso is a medium to large-sized dog breed with a muscular, athletic appearance. It is a type of mastiff dog that belongs to the group of working dogs. This breed originates from Italy and it is common belief that the breed was used as Roman war dogs.

FUN FACT: Roman Cane Corsos would often appear in the arenas for blood sport and would be used to fight gladiators, along with other ferocious animals (such as lions and bears).

Except for warfare, these dogs were used to protect properties, hunt animals and to be all-around farm hand. As farming became more mechanized, this breed was led nearly to the extinction by the middle of 20th century, but, thanks to the group of Cane Corso fanciers, it still exists today and is mostly used as a family dog with guard duties or as police and military dog.

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The Cane Corso - Temperament

The Cane Corso is a highly intelligent dog breed with a stable temperament. This breed is often described as the breed that is ready to meet any challenge and is ready for action. This can be tricky if the dog is in wrong hands. The owner of Cane Corso dog must provide leadership and prevent the dog from roaming. We can often hear that Cane Corso dog is described as aggressive, but, this is only a consequence of an inadequate nurture. With proper training and socialization that should start from an early age, these dogs are very well behaved and get along well with other people, but are always very protective of their owner.

Expose your Cane Corso to many different people, sights, sounds and experiences while the dog is still a puppy in order to socialize the dog properly. This dog does not show interest for the people outside the family. According to the breed standard, the Cane Corso should be indifferent when approached and should only react when there is a real threat present. The Cane Corso can get along with other dogs or cats if it is raised with them, but because of its high prey drive and a territorial nature, it will most likely view other animals (such as cats and small dogs from the neighborhood) as potential prey and do its best to kill them.

The Cane Corso - Training

Cane Corso are naturally strong-willed and has bossy nature so consistent and firm training is essential. It is important to let the dog know from the start what the rules are and who is the boss and therefore are not recommended for first-time, inexperienced or timid owners.  Be calm and self-assured while training Cane Corso. They respond well to praise and rewards, so keep that in mind.

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FUN FACT: The Cane Corso doesn’t really care for people and animas outside its family, but those within have its unconditional love, undivided loyalty and protection.

The Cane Corso - Characteristics

The Cane Corso is quite large dog breed. The average Cane Corso stands from 25 to 27,5 inches tall and weight from 90 to 120 pounds. Males are slightly larger than females. A healthy Cane Corso’s life span is 10-11 years.

The Cane Corso is a loving, devoted, affectionate and an extremely loyal dog, who bonds strongly with its people. This dog requires a lot of exercise, physical and mental stimulation. After all, this breed is a working one, so it needs to have a job to do. If Cane Corso is deprived of fun, it may develop some destructive habits (excessive barking, digging holes, chewing up everything on its way). Jogging or hiking are great way to help your Cane Corso burn off its energy.

The Cane Corso - Grooming

The Cane Corso’s coat is short, stiff and easy to maintain. It comes in black, light, and dark shades of gray; light and dark shades of fawn; and red. Any of these colors may have a brindle pattern. White patches are common, and are accepted on the chest, toes and chin. Brush your Cane Corso at least once a week. The coat sheds heavily twice a year (during seasonal changes), so we recommend you to buy yourself a good vacuum cleaner before getting a Cane Corso.  Groom the dog when needed, and with a little help of praise and rewards, make it a positive experience. The rest is basic care – trim the dogs’ toenails regularly, bath the dog when needed, check its ears, brush its teeth few times a week, etc.

cane corso dog for saleFUN FACT: The Cane Corso may drool, snore, and/or can be gassy.

The Cane Corso’s ears may be cropped or uncropped. The ears are naturally dropped forward, but most of the breeders crop the ears into small, equilateral triangles that stand upright. Breeders also typically dock the tails of Cane Corsos.

The Cane Corso - Health

The Cane Corso breed has a higher than average probability of developing certain health issues during its lifetime. Hip dysplasia and degenerative joint disease are common because of this breeds' robustness – they have the typical bone and joint problems of giant breeds. Another conditions is gastric volvulus or „bloat“ where the stomach fills with air and twists on its axis, causing a lot of pain to the poor dog. Symptoms are retching without vomiting and lethargy. If you notice these symptoms, take your dog to the vet immediately. 

You can help reduce the risk of suffering from bloat by giving your dog few smaller meals through the day, instead of one large one. Also, you can pick up a bowl that is specially designed to slow down your pet’s eating pace. Cane Corso breed is also prone to common eye defects, such as entropion, ectropion, and glandular hypertrophy, or "Cherry eye."

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Keep in mind that this breed is prone to obesity as well and can quickly slip into over-weight zone, so make sure to feed and exercise your pet properly.

FUN FACT: To communicate with members of the family, the Cane Corso uses woo-woo-woo sounds and snorts. 

The Cane Corso - Breeders

Before deciding to extend your family with a Cane Corso dog, think carefully if this is the right dog breed for you. Talk with experienced Cane Corso breeders and owners. These dogs are massive, powerful and confident canines that demand respect. They require an owner that can provide leadership and can spend a lot of time on training, socialization and exercising his Cane Corso dog.

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TIP: If you are planning on buying or adopting a Cane Corso, make sure to inform yourself whether is it legal in your country to own a Cane Corso. In some countries (such as USA, Bermuda Islands, Ukraine), these dogs are considered aggressive and dangerous so are cornered or banned.

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