About Time is on My Side v. 't Huis te Woude

"Kjolle" ECVO FREE Nov 2018 Gonioscopy FREE Test caracter FR 10/10 Multi JBIS, BIS JCH. NL, BE, JCH Benelux Junior Winner NL'18 Benelux Junior Winner NL'18 WDS Benelux Junior Winner BE'18 Benelux Winner NL'19, AlpenSieger'19 Quallified Crufts 2020, quallified Dog of the Year NL

Date of birth 30.10.2017.

Gender Male


Stud dog

Pedigree NHSB

Chip Yes

Color White

Weight 9 lb

Height 128 in

Breeder profile

van 't Huis te Woude

Voerendaal, Netherlands

Dog breeds:

  • Samoyed


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