About ANAKIN Cerberus Illusion

BEST CIMARRON URUGUAYO ADULT IN EUROPE 2018 BEST CIMARRON URUGUAYO MALE IN EUROPE 2018 2nd BEST CIMARRON URUGUAYO MALE IN EUROPE 2019 C.I.B. - International Beauty Champion Hungarian Grand Champion Serbian Grand Champion Hungarian Show Champion Hungarian Champion Serbian Champion Transylvanian Champion Romanian Champion Hungarian Junior Champion Serbian Junior Champion Champion of Champions 2019 Derby Winner 2017 Best Derby Winner 2017 Hungarian Molosser Club Winner 2018 Hungarian Molosser Club BIS Best Brace 1st place Hungarian Molosser Club Winner 2019 Hungarian Molosser Club Best Brace BIS 1st place 2019 Hungarian Molosser Club Best Breeder´s Group BIS 1st place 2019 Anakin is the first Cimarron Uruguayo in the World with the following Trick dog titles: Novice Trick dog Intermediate Trick dog Advanced Trick dog

Gender Male


Stud dog

Chip Yes

My litters

D litter

D litter

Uruguayan Cimarron

Breeder profile

Cerberus Illusion

Cegled, Hungary

Dog breeds:

  • Uruguayan Cimarron


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