Cao fila de Sao Miguel

Cao fila de Sao Miguel

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The breed is originally from Portugal where the breed has been in existence since the early 1800s. This is mid-sized working dog, generally considered to be family friendly, intelligent, quick learner and affectionate towards other animals. To strangers it is extremely distrustful, even aggressive. This standard was recognized internationally in 1995, when the standard was published by the FCI. It is extremely self-confident and independent, sharp and attentive watchdog,
Cao fila de Sao Miguel

Die Höhe:

48-60 cm

Cao fila de Sao Miguel

Das Gewicht:

20-35 kg

Cao fila de Sao Miguel

Der Ursprung:


Cao fila de Sao Miguel

Die Lebenserwartung:

13 15 jahre

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