Welsh Springer Spaniel

They are very much alike the English Springer Spaniel and historically have been referred to as both the Welsh Spaniel and the Welsh Cocker Spaniel. They were relatively unknown until a succession of victories in dog trials by the breed increased its popularity. Following recognition by The Kennel Club in 1902, the breed gained the modern name of Welsh Springer Spaniel. The actual date of origin of the Welsh Springer Spaniel cannot be traced, however dogs resembling the breed with its distinctive red and white coat are frequently depicted in old pictures and prints.
Welsh Springer Spaniel

Die Höhe:

43-48 cm

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Das Gewicht:

16-25 kg

Welsh Springer Spaniel

Der Ursprung:


Welsh Springer Spaniel

Die Lebenserwartung:

12-15 jahre

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