Spanischer Laufhund

Spanischer Laufhund

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The first description of Iberian scenthounds was mentioned in 14th century. During 15th, 16th and 17th centuries Spanish scenthounds of the type that would become the Sabueso were used mainly in brown bear and wild boar hunting. This is a true hunting dog and that is the reason why there are so many Spanish hounds in animal shelters in Spain usually with little chance of ever being adopted. They are very affectionate and calm but still there is misconception that they do not make good family pets. Spanish Hound is first of all a working dog but they also make a good companion.
Spanischer Laufhund

Die Höhe:

58-57 cm

Spanischer Laufhund

Das Gewicht:

22-27 kg

Spanischer Laufhund

Der Ursprung:


Spanischer Laufhund

Die Lebenserwartung:

10-12 jahre

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