Slowakischer Laufhund

Slowakischer Laufhund

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The Slovenský kopov is a medium-sized breed of hunting dog of the scenthound type. The breed originated in Slovakia and is bred for boar hunting. The Slovenský kopov was developed and is used as a hunting dog, not a pet or show dog. Today's breed was first recognised in the 1870s. The Slovenský kopov is a very intelligent and independent breed and is easy to train. It is a breed that needs lots of activity like swimming, hiking and retrieving balls or flying discs can provide a good outlet for spending energy.
Slowakischer Laufhund

Die Höhe:

41-51 cm

Slowakischer Laufhund

Das Gewicht:

15-20 kg

Slowakischer Laufhund

Der Ursprung:


Slowakischer Laufhund

Die Lebenserwartung:

12-13 jahre

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