Amerikanischer Wasserspaniel

Amerikanischer Wasserspaniel

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The American Water Spaniel, (often abbreviated to AWS), is a breed of spaniel that has origins in the US. It was bred in the state of Wisconsin during the 19th century from numerous other breeds, such as Irish and English Water Spaniels. This particular breed was saved by Dr. Fred J. Pfeifer, who established the breed club and standard. His work led to recognition of the breed by the United Kennel Club, and later, its American version.They are still a rare breed although they are the Wisconsin state dog. They are a versatile hunting, medium-sized dog, with a double layered coat, which comes in a variety of brown related shades, also suitable for apartment life due to work by breeders to develop a breed with a calm and even temperament. The AWS may have been involved in the development of the Boykin Spaniel.
Amerikanischer Wasserspaniel

Die Höhe:

38–46 cm

Amerikanischer Wasserspaniel

Das Gewicht:

11–21 kg

Amerikanischer Wasserspaniel

Der Ursprung:

Vereinigte Staaten

Amerikanischer Wasserspaniel

Die Lebenserwartung:

10–14 jahre

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