Informationen zu Pinotto 1700 $

Pinotto comes from ancient working lines. He currently lives with goats, sheep and horses. Good personality both with humans and other dogs. Despite his young age he has already shown talent in the herd protection. He's ready to be shipped to America, with documents: passport, pedigree, vaccinations. For further information and to see other photos of our beautiful and talented boy please contact us via e-mail: [email protected]

Geburtsdatum 06.06.2021.

Geschlecht Männchen

Pedigree Young male for working purposes

Chip Ja

Farbe White

Gewicht 33 kg

Höhe 10 cm


  • Central America/Antilla
  • North America
  • South America

Details für den Hundeversand

  • America.


Il Pastore Transumante

Sarezzano (AL), Italy


  • Maremmen-Abruzzen-Schäferhund


  • Nelia Avatar
    Nelia Da silva
    vor 5 Monaten
    Bring a dog in Jersey

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