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Started in 2010 the our alliance represents several kennels and Breeders. Our main breeds are Maltese, Biewer Yorkshire and Yorkshire Terriers all FCI registered, including new and popular breeds such as Biro, chocolate and Blueberry Yorkies. Through our careful selection of breeders and attendance at many dog shows and exhibitions our team of like minded breeders continue to improve on the health and quality of our breeds. All our puppies have the full package of documentation, comprehensive vaccinations and are chipped. All our dogs are on a diet of super premium foods and vitamins according to their age and disposition and with the cooperation of Ukraine's top vets are inspected for patellae and upon request. We transfer our puppies to new owners only when it is safe for the puppies themselves and when they are independent enough to do so. Our puppies are delivered with a reliable courier in accordance with international laws for importing/exporting animals. We have an FB page where you can see all our puppies, our successes and achievements as well as enjoying our new puppies. We reply via Email, Messanger, Viber, WhatsAPP or Telegram

Pasmine pasa

  • Biewer terijer
  • Maltezer
  • Jorkširski terijer

Mjesto slanja psa

  • Srednja Amerika
  • Europa (EU)


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