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ScoobyShadow has been breeding Dog'o's and whelping fur babies Since 1997 Scooby Shadow is family-oriented that produces the best animal companions for furever homes. We produce great-looking Akita's, English Labradors, Siberian Husky with outstanding temperaments for individuals and families, including those with children and special needs. We also want to provide dogs with solid structure and sound dispositions. No puppies/dogs/animals will be adopted/sold to mills or storefronts. ScoobyShadow puppies are part of the family. We love spending quality time with each of them every day, and we enjoy taking them on adventures with us, walk-a-bouts, hiking, dog-o parks, pools of water, water play. We feed our dogs and pups without bi-products/grains, we feed with the utmost of high protein (20%-40%)/red meat/turkeys/chicken/duck/veggies and yes animal organs such as liver from calf/bison/cow/duck/fish! Dam's and Sire's are Certified Pedigree along with the pups When you adopted/purchase a puppy from Scooby Shadow, you can rest assured knowing that he/she will be healthy and happy for years to come. We believe in providing the best environment for our dog-o's and daily work and play with them. As a result, our dog-o's are fond of kids and respectful to adults They are always confident, playful, and have loving temperaments. Each pup from age 2 1/2-3 weeks (once eyelids are fully open and eyes are not glazed over and able to walk) and older will have basic puppy 101 training, potty(housebroken), basic commands (Sit, Stay, Come, paw shake, leave-it, etc), fetch, socializing with other animals including chickens, ducks, turkeys, safe zone (personal space), leash and off the collar, body (touching/patting/brushing of hindquarters, paws, belly, under-pits) The wait is over!! Nala and Duke's 2nd litter have arrived Nov 01, 2021 7 Healthy strong pups!! 4 females, 3 males!! & Breanna and Doggie (pronounced D.O.Geee) 1st litter has arrived Nov 03 7 Healthy strong pups!! 5 females, 2 males!! We are very excited to say ScoobyShadow is accepting certain cryptocurrency!! i.e. DOGECOIN / BitCoin (BTC) / LiteCoin (LTC)/ Ethereum I/II(ETH) / Cardano (ADA) / Polkadot (DOT) / Bitcoin cash (BCH) / Stellar (XLM) / Chainlink / Binance (BNB) / Tether (USDT)..

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  • Američka Akita
  • Labrador retriver
  • Sibirski haski

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  • Europa (EU)
  • Europa (non-EU)
  • Sjeverna Amerika


  • jason Avatar
    jason cleveland
    prije 1 godinu
    Hey how are you doing. I'm Jason Cleveland , I'm checking if i could purchase your pup for pet use. I would like to know how old the pups is, health status with your location. Your price. If have pictures of the ones you have for sale to come to a new beautiful family Please do not hesitate to email me details to [email protected] I may not check back on here for a while would appreciate if you could use my email. Please get back to me. Jason

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