Podatci o uzgajivačnici

Hidalgo`s Spirit was born in 2005. HIDALGO`S SPIRIT means "DOG WITH BIG SOUL", being the best definition of the dogs we grow. Hidalgo`s Spirit Kennel is registered, certified and recognized by the Federation Cynologique Internationale - FCI number 2300/2006. We are growing Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever! We love these breeds for the complexity and exceptional qualities they were endowed with. We share with you a small part of our world and passion!

Pasmine pasa

  • Zlatni retriver
  • Labrador retriver

Mjesto slanja psa

  • Azija
  • Europa (EU)
  • Europa (non-EU)
  • Sjeverna Amerika
  • Oceanija
  • Južna Amerika


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