Informacije o Kira od Kostanja

Kira od Kostanja is our dogs’ Vanda Keny first ever puppy and the only puppy from her first litter.She is the first dog with our Kennel Name.She is in great shape,loves to run and be active in general,has a great body constitution,she is strong and agiled.Growing up in our yard,Kira learned everything from Vanda,her mother.She learned how to be a great guard dog and how to behave near kids.Kira was very easy to train ever since she was just a puppy and motivated to learn new commands.She is very sociable,independent and adaptable.Her greatest personality trait is her loyalty.

Datum okota 11.04.2020.

Spol Ženka

Pedigre black with yellow cloak and reddish tones

Čip Da

Boja Black & Red

Težina 178 kg

Visina 11 cm

Profil uzgajivača

Od Kostanja

Dugo Selo, Hrvatska

Pasmine pasa:

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