Informacije o Aris Mailigo

Aris Mailigo is a five years old male, son of the service world champion Antrax Ostararyka and DarkFall Bambi, daughter to Chapman Vom Holzmicheltal. Aris is socialised to humans and animals and is calm in conditions such as noise, slippery surfaces etc. He is of expressed temperament, stable and possesses an extreme pray-instinct. His BH and IPO exam is in preparation. He has a full bite and correct jaw and teeth. Poses hips and elbowsscanns. In 2018 alone he made an excellent score on CAC and CACIB dog shows. He is a young champion with many titles and we plan to continue his exterior and working competitions.

Datum okota 29.09.2016.

Spol Mužjak


Pas za parenje

Čip Da

Boja Yellow

Profil uzgajivača


Lazarevac, Srbija

Pasmine pasa:

  • Belgijski ovčar - Malinois


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