Información relativa a Abaris 4000 $

Fecha de parto 08.06.2022.

Sexo Macho

Color Black & Brown

Descendiente de un campeón

Posibilidad de presentarse en exhibiciones

Vacunas obligatorias

Control veterinario obligatorio

Certificado de ausencia de enfermedades hereditarias

Certificado del estado de salud del perro

Adonde el perro se envía

Perfil del criador

Bohemia SchubertUS

Lake Barrington, United States

Razas de perros:

  • Pastor Bohemio


  • jason Avatar
    jason cleveland
    hace 1 año
    Hey how are you doing. I'm Jason Cleveland , I'm checking if i could purchase your pup for pet use. I would like to know how old the pups is, health status with your location. Your price. If have pictures of the ones you have for sale to come to a new beautiful family Please do not hesitate to email me details to [email protected] I may not check back on here for a while would appreciate if you could use my email. Please get back to me. Jason

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