Lithium Battery - 95Ah

Manufacturer: Totalcool

Want to run your Totalcool without access to a power source? Here’s what you need. Lithium batteries will recharge your Totalcool from your vehicle as you travel or at home before going on a trip. You can also use these lithium batteries to recharge your mobile phone and any other devices that charge from a USB.

302,00 $

Lithium Battery - 95Ah will provide between 30 i 100 hours of power for your Totalcool portable evaporative air cooler.

  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery 5v/12v/16v/19v
  • Dual USB 5v/2A power bank, suitable for all phones, 5v Tablets, Go Pro etc.
  • Inbuilt 230V AC inverter will run electric drills etc
  • Variable voltage range from 12v-19v for laptops, NoteBook, drones etc.
  • Digital LED display showing power remaining
  • Suitable to run Totalcool 3000 portable evaporative air cooler, can jump start any Petrol/Diesel vehicle
  • Robust outer case
  • Lithium Battery 95Ah would give most mobile phones 35 + full charges

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