The St. Bernard or St Bernard is a large working dog from the western Alps in Italy and Switzerland. They were originally bred for rescue by the hospice of the Great St Bernard Pass on the Italian-Swiss border. Saint Bernards are intelligent and they are quick to learn new things but they’re also known to be "slow thinkers". They are very sweet natured and patient making them great family pets and companions but can be a bit aggressive if not well socialised from a young age.

Breed Info

Life Expectancy:8-10 years


Weight:50-91 kg (110-200 lb)

Height:61-70 cm (25.5-27.5 in)

FCI:Group 2, Section 2.2 Molossian: Mountain type #61b

Colour:Primary colour white with smaller or larger clear red patches up to an unbroken clear to dark red mantle covering back and flanks

Character:Gentle giant, calm, patient and sweet with adults and especially children, intelligent, independent, protective, loyal and affectionate