Russia dog shows

Russia dog shows

01.03.2019. 00:00:00

FCI international dog shows - Russia

Moscow, 26 Jan

Perm, 2-3 Feb

Moscow, 23 Feb

Moscow, 24 Feb

St. Petersburg, 3 Mar

St. Petersburg, 16-17 Mar

Yekaterinburg, 6-7 Apr

Belgorod, 6-7 Apr

Krasnodar, 21 Apr

Tjumen, 4-5 May

St. Petersburg, 4 May

St. Petersburg, 5 May

Rostov-na-Donu, 10 May

Samara, 11 May

Samara, 12 May

Stavropol, 18 May

Omsk, 18 May

Omsk, 19 May

Kazan, 19 May

Pskov, 19 May

Moscow, 25-26 May

Vladivostok, 26 May

Irkutsk, 8 Jun

Novorossiysk, 9 Jun

St. Petersburg, 29 Jun

St. Petersburg, 30 Jun

Vladimir, 6 Jul

Barnaul, 13 Jul

Smolensk, 20 Jul

Smolensk, 21 Jul

Kaliningrad, 27 Jul

Kaliningrad, 28 Jul

Kazan, 27-28 Jul

Kursk, 28 Jul

Pskov, 3-4 Aug

Chelyabinsk, 17-18 Aug

Velikiy Novgorod, 24-25 Aug

Rostov-na-Donu, 25 Aug

Khabarovsk, 7-8 Sep

Murmansk, 7-8 Sep

Nizhniy Novgorod, 14 Sep

Nizhniy Novgorod, 15 Sep

Krasnodar, 15 Sep

Sochi, 22 Sep

Vladivostok, 29 Sep

Voronezh, 5 Oct

Novosibirsk, 19 Oct

Novosibirsk, 20 Oct

Moscow, 2 Nov

Moscow, 3 Nov

Moscow, 4 Nov

Yekaterinburg, 16-17 Nov

St. Petersburg, 14 Dec

St. Petersburg, 15 Dec

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