Moldova dog shows

Moldova dog shows

01.03.2019. 00:00:00

FCI international dog shows - Moldova 

Chisinau, 1 Feb

Chisinau, 2 Feb

Chisinau, 3 Feb

Chisinau, 8 Mar

Chisinau, 9 Mar

Chisinau, 10 Mar

Chisinau, 12 Apr

Chisinau, 13 Apr

Chisinau, 14 Apr

Tiraspol, 12 Jul

Tiraspol, 13 Jul

Tiraspol, 14 Jul

Tiraspol, 16 Aug

Tiraspol, 17 Aug

Tiraspol, 18 Aug

Chisinau, 4 Oct

Chisinau, 5 Oct

Chisinau, 6 Oct

Chisinau, 8 Nov

Chisinau, 9 Nov

Chisinau, 10 Nov

Chisinau, 13 Dec

Chisinau, 14 Dec

Chisinau, 15 Dec

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